Security camera tip leads to arrest in Lincoln neighborhood

A woman’s home security camera helped alert police to the man

A 32-year-old Rocklin man was arrested by Lincoln police in the early morning hours Saturday on Newbridge Lane.

At about 2:20 a.m., a woman noticed something on her home security camera — a man fiddling with the door handle of her car, parked on Sheffield Lane in a Lincoln neighborhood.

Officers said they responded to the call within two minutes and located Alexsander Artisishuk, who matched the description the woman gave to police.

Lincoln police said Artisishuk was carrying items stolen from a nearby unlocked car. When police located the man’s truck in the same neighborhood, officers said they found heroin.

Artisishuk was arrested for possession of stolen property, petty theft, possession of heroin and loitering/prowling.

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